Human Resource, Time Management & Payroll System

E-Soft Human Resource, Time Management & Payroll System is an integrated business solution. It begins with collecting attendance data via Fingerprint / Face Regconition Time Clock, manage Time Attendance, process payroll, generating payroll report, auto payment via bank transfer and generates all the reports you'll need to keep management and LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) PCB Tax requirements compliant, effortlessly. E-Soft Human Resource, Time Management & Payroll System features comprehensive payroll rules to meet statutory compliance, stringent payroll requirements and comprehensive auditing and security facilities. The system have been successfully implemented by manufacturers, hotels, retail with multiple outlets, hospital and office. E-Soft Human Resource, Time Management & Payroll System integrate the Mykad Reader and also Passport Scanner device into the system, in order to read Mykad and Passport information directly and keeping an digital copy of the document in the system.

Time Management System

  • Electronic Time Attendance
  • Multi Shift Roaster Scheduling
  • Daily Attendance Management
  • Leave Update and Maintenance
  • Print Attendance List and other Management Reports

  • HR and Payroll System

  • Maintain employee leave infomation such as leave entitlement, leave carry from previous year, special leave added, leave taken and leave balance

  • Levy / Loan
  • Maintain regulary deduction records, such as load, levy etc.
  • Intergrated to payroll calculation
  • Able to monitor levy expiry and amount pay to particular agent
  • Generate detail / summary listing
  • Enable to select by particular agent, transaction time frame, deduction code levy expiry date and employee.

  • Transportation
  • Maintain transport master, such as van number, contractor name, charger etc.
  • Maintain lateness charges table
  • Link to time management system to generate transport charger for the month

  • Payroll
  • User friendly interface, easy to manage system design
  • Allowance, deduction over time claim and leave definable code
  • Automatic PCB tax deduction
  • Automatic salary calculation
  • Printout of payslip, coinage analysis. EPF borang A, Socso borang 81, and on diskette format
  • Bonus computation and listing
  • EPF / Socso contribution via diskette
  • Bank advice listing / auto transfer to bank accounts
  • Customize of management reports and special company

    Health Records
  • Maintain employee basic health information, such as height, weight, blood type etc.
  • Maintain employee medical records
  • Generate medical expenses report

  • Job History
  • Maintain employee job history both current or past employment with :
  • Increase and decrease salary
  • Changing of department
  • Promotion or demotion record

  • Others Features
  • EPF / Borang A, Socso Borang 8A and CP39 and diskette format
  • Auto Pay system
  • Able to display scanned coloured pictured of employee
  • Report can be exported to Excel / Word files
  • Advance payment control
  • Salary revision and bonus scale list
  • Cost center list

  • E-Soft E-HR System

    E-Soft E-HR System is a web-based Human Resource Management System where an employee can punch attendance, apply leave, apply OT, view Payslip & etc on the web. Email will be sent to notify the approving officer who can then approve the leave either via the email or on the website. The system will also keep track of all employees' leave records, entitlements, balances. User is able to view their current leave entitlement, leave balance and notification of leave approval from their manager.

    Integrated Malaysian payroll and leave management solution gives you the power to process even the most complex of payroll. E-Soft HR, TMS & Payroll System generates all the reports you�ll need to keep management and LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) PCB Tax requirements compliant, effortlessly.

    Not only do you have to deal with employees expecting their pays on time and error-free, you also have more employer obligations, a myriad of tax rates, and endless paperwork to contend with.

    Biographical Data Features included within our integrated Human Resource and Payroll software solution include :
    This integrated Human Resource and Payroll software solution allows your organisation to maintain and retain unlimited data history and new data items can be added by the user at anytime.

    Organization and Position Control
    Maintain complete control over your organisation's structure and headcount (full time equivalents) using our integrated Human Resource and Payroll solution. An immediate, up-to-the-minute view of the organisation is available anytime, anywhere.

    Holiday and Sickness - Absence Management
    Maintain your company rules by utilising the user-defined tables. Human Resource leave rules relating to absences/holidays (eg payment, entitlement and statutory conditions) can be amended and viewed as required.

    Triggers / Alerts
    This Human Resource and Payroll software solution provides automatic email alerts that are user defined thus saving time and money within every department using the various HR modules.

    Organisation Charting
    All Human Resource data required to produce your organisation's Organisation Chart is maintained within our integrated Human Resource software solution. Interfaces to a variety of third party organisation charting software solutions are available.